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because we are personal agency hackers


Why are we different?

personal agency hackers?

Based on our long-term headhunting experience and seeing how many personal agencies within this market work, we took the best practices and put them together with what has to be changed. Thus we are hacking the way most of the agencies work as you, as a client, are used to. We are not an additional value just by saying it, but by doing it.

headhunting | searching | data mining | networking

We are looking for data within our networks, the market, Internet, job portals, social networks and other media where people connect, are active, are publishing their work and interact. But not only. We also build up long-term relationships and widen the pool of quality contacts and candidates. Our vision is young and requires lots of time and plans to invest, however we are focusing on bringing much more for the IT commmunity as it is now.

clients' value

We value our clients and believe each must be treated individually and well. We realized that it is not possible if we do not spare extra time to identify what each client needs, where they struggle, and help them to build up a strong recruitment strategy. Getting to know the people behind the brand is also important for us to match what our candidates are looking for and hlep clients to find ways how to help the IT community as well.

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we are always happy to speak to professionals, share what we have in our portfolio and reward YOU if you recommend someone who will be successfully hired by one of our clients

Our Story


We created Recberry as an outcome of a portfolio of valuable clients mainly within a Czech market. After cooperating and working for three different personal agencies (one of them was considered as a personal agency 2.0), we identified some problems and mistakes agencies do and that something has to change.

We believe that we can be the real additional value to our clients by dividng the role of a recruiter, deeper networking, sparing more time and investing it in much more important parts and finally do what an agency should for its clients.

There is not much history as this is a brand new concept and we like to call it a beta version of an agency trying to hack the way agencies work these days. But believe it or not, there is lots of especially IT recruitment know-how behind it.

Our focus

Network & Blue Sphere 100%
Social Media & Workshops & Conferences & Universities 90%
LinkedIn & Referrals 70%
Job Portals 10%

Meet the team

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Barbora Balazikova

Founder & Director
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Maria Simova

Data Miner & Networker


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Current Job Openings

Support Expert

Technologies: technical support, HW, SW, IP Cameras, cloud

Senior PHP Developer

Technologies: OOP, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX

Senior C++ Developer, Prague

Technologies: C++, Boost C++ Library, network protocols

DevOps Engineer

Technologies: AWS, Docker, Ansible, Mongo, RTMP, Python, Node.JS

Senior JavaScript Developer

Technologies: back-end, JavaScript, React, Browserify, ES6, Flux architecture

FrontEnd Architect

Technologies: JavaScript Guru, FrontEnd technologies, decision is yours where the product will head

.NET Developer

Technologies: .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Razor, ORM, WCF, Entity Framework, MS SQL, C#

Cloud Engineer

Technologies: QA, TDD, Linux, Python, virtualisation, OpenStack, Jenkins, Agile

Java Developer

Technologies: JavaEE, JavaSE, core Java, EJB, Oracle, DB2, Spring, Hibernate